Timing Belt Repair in Elkhart, IN

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Syncing Crankshafts With Camshafts

Angel Automotive in Elkhart, IN is the timing belt service expert. Our maintenance services will make sure your timing belt is operating effectively and will provide any repairs or replacements before engine performance is compromised. Your vehicle’s engine components need to operate in sync with each other. All of these moving parts are designed to function in harmony because if they don’t, the engine will fail, and your vehicle will shut down completely. To accomplish this perfect timing, the engine uses the timing belt, a rubber belt that keeps valves opening and closing in synchronized patterns. The timing belt’s primary job is to connect the crankshaft to the camshaft, keeping them in sync. Whenever a timing belt is replaced, the water pump, tensioner and pulley should be replaced as well. Ultimately, the labor cost of replacing the water pump is higher than the cost of the pump. Therefore, it is more cost effective to replace water pumps with timing belts.

Repair Your Timing Belt–Before It’s Too Late!

Manufacturers will recommend this because failing to replace these other components can cause further damage. Repairing or replacing the valves and pistons in addition to the timing belt repair can become expensive. The team at Angel Automotive uses the industry’s most advanced tools, equipment, and service techniques. Many drivers will try to start their vehicle’s engine tomorrow morning and find that nothing happens. Some of these vehicles will be malfunctioning because of a broken timing belt. We will monitor your timing belt’s condition with every engine maintenance service. We’ll adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep you ahead of any repair or replacement need. Waiting too long to give your timing belt professional attention can be very costly, causing you to lose time and money. Angel Automotive will follow the maintenance schedule that’s appropriate for your specific make and model.

Schedule Your Timing Belt Service Today!

We’ll keep you two steps ahead of any timing belt malfunction. Our service experts have experience with all makes and models of vehicles. We consider your vehicle’s age, driving purposes, and your driving habits when designing your maintenance schedule. Some vehicle owners may bring their timing belt to us earlier than necessary, while others may wait too long! Both of these owners have one thing in common! They both need the experts at Angel Automotive to provide the appropriate maintenance services on an effective schedule. Give us a call today at 574-294-6541 to schedule your timing belt repairs. We can also provide any necessary water pump, tensioner, and pulley repairs or replacements. Next time you’re in the area–3602 Charlotte Ave–please feel free to stop by!